If you have a refrigerator with water dispensing facility, your manufacturer will advise you to change the water filter every six months or so. Now, that’s a recurring expenditure and new water filters don’t come cheap. So you wonder to yourself whether you really need to change that filter twice a year! The answer is a clear YES and for good reason! 

There are several reasons why changing the water filter in your fridge is necessary. Let’s take a look.

Get Pure, Clean Water

Most municipalities supply clean, filtered water that flows out of your tap. However, along the way, the water travels through miles of pipeline, which may not be spotlessly clean.

It is natural for filtered water passing through such pipelines to collect bacteria, germs and specks of dirt, all of which are invisible to the eye.

When you connect your fridge’s water dispenser fridge’s water dispenser directly to the tap (without a filter), in all probability you are not drinking clean water. A water filter can easily remove such harmful contaminants and keep you and your family safe from diseases.

So change that filter every six months to ensure it performs to its optimum capacity.

Your Filter Has a Life of Six Months

The filter in your fridge works really hard to supply absolutely clean, 100% filtered drinking water for your family. However, in doing so, it also collects the germs and debris that shouldn’t be in the water.

Over the months, such impurities keep accumulating until a time comes when the filter itself becomes clogged. It is no longer able to function to its optimum capacity, thereby compromising the quality of water it is supplying.

Enjoy 100% Clean Drinking Water

Installing a new filter every six months ensures you are getting the right quality of safe drinking water that you deserve. When the filter becomes clogged and is not able to perform to its best capacity, the water is not only unhealthy, it tastes awful too. It may also have a foul smell. The older the filter is the worse your water will taste and smell.

Get Optimum Supply of Water

When the filter is brand new and working to its maximum capacity, it is able to supply the quantity of water it is supposed to. However, as it gets clogged over the months, the output of water gradually decreases.

So an old filter not only gives you unclean, bad smelling water but also affects the flow of water coming out of your refrigerator’s tap. You have to wait for minutes for a glass to fill up when water from the filter is down to a trickle.

Buy Water Filters in Bulk and Save

Water filters have an unlimited shelf life as long as they’re kept dry. All of the water filters we sell can sit safely in your cupboard until you need to use them. Water filters are essentially a plastic cartridge that’s filled with activated carbon. This material removes unwanted particles from your water and doesn’t have any expiration date until it gets wet.

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