Modern refrigerators with water dispensing facility are such a huge convenience. You get chilled water or ice whenever you want and you don’t have to invest in plastic bottles.

However, if you want to make the most of this feature, be sure to change the water dispensing filter every six months.

Good quality water filters do not come cheap. The easiest thing to do is to avoid that recurring expenditure, especially if your fridge is supplying water just fine. However, if you look closely, the water supplied by a filter that’s more than six months old is not crystal clear. It’s not odour-free either. Not to mention, the growth of bacteria and germs that are invisible to the eye.

The tap water that’s supplied to your home is, of course, filtered by the local municipality. But that does not necessarily mean it is safe to drink straight from the tap. The filtered water supplied by your municipality travels through pipes that may not be absolutely clean and germ-free. Along the way, the filtered water is likely to carry with it minute dirt particles, bacteria and other germs.

The filter in your fridge removes all such impurities. This means that you can be sure that the water you are drinking is 100% safe and free of all contaminants.

You can carry on with your old filter but the truth is that fridge water filters last six months at the most. Once water filter get wet the typical lifespan of a water filter about six months, but it depends on use. If your home drinks a lot of water regularly you may have to change it sooner. Likewise, if your home doesn’t use filtered water that much then it will last up to six months.

When you want to derive all the benefits of a water filter, you must replace it once every six months. Here are some reasons why.


As the filter collects all those impurities, over the months, it can become clogged. The impurities settle on the filter and after about six months, the layer of impurity is so thick that your filter is no longer able to supply completely pure water like a new filter does.

If the water coming out of your filter smells foul or tastes a little bad, you will know your filter has become clogged with impurities and its time for a change.


It is but natural that filters that are choked with impurities will not be able to supply water with the same flow as a new filter. The decreased flow of water is another indication that your fridge’s filter is not working to its optimum capacity. This usually starts happening after six months as the flow decreases gradually. So you should really change your filter once you notice that the flow of water has come down.


The health of your loved ones is of utmost priority. Water-borne diseases are quite common and you may actually end up paying more for medical expenses, not to talk about the stress and the harassment. You can avoid all that by just changing the water filter in your fridge every six months because they really don’t work accurately after that.

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